Accompanying in the moment of death

Sogyal RinpocheSogyal Rinpoche
“Through the mirror of death”, published in  “The Mind of the Guru”, Rajiv Mihrotra.

In India, there was a very great master called Padmasambhava, who wrote The Book of the Dead.He said:

Now, when the moment of death dawns upon me I will abandon the grasping, the yearning and attachment, and enter undistracted into the clear venues of teaching and eject my consciousness into the space that is unbound and as I leave this compound body of flesh and blood, I will know to be lucent.

To put it simply, what is important when the moment of death comes is that you are helping somebody to create an environment whereby it may be the only moment when they can come to terms with death.

For that reason, we provide a very loving and caring environment in which the person can reflect on and find meaning in their life so they can die peacefully.

And so, these preparations and processes are to help them to let go, help them to come to terms with their lives, help them to let go of the attachment and aversion. This is why it is very important at that moment to give love.

When beside giving them love we also give them wisdom and saying it with love that emanates from deep compassion then it helps the person to just let go of the fear. It is the same for us when we are feeling anxious. We derive confidence if we have the company of a wonderful, warm, loving person.

At that point of death, we need to let go of all our negativity, ask for forgiveness, keep our hearts and mind pure and unite our mind with the wisdom mind of the Buddha or the God of our particular tradition.

What we are doing at this point is uniting the mind with the wisdom mind of the Buddha and resting in the essential nature of mind. There are three actions we must do: let go of attachment and aversion (that means keeping your heart and mind pure), unite your mind with the wisdom mind of the Buddha and then rest in the nature of the mind.

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