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What is Ayahuasca? – Diego Palma
This is a summary of the book “El Ayahuasca – La medicina del alma” (Ayahuasca – The medicine of the soul) published in the internet in July 2002.

Approaching Power Plants – Diego Palma
At the end the real value of the ceremony is what you do with it, how it serve you to live a better life and enhance all your actions and relationships. In other words, how to bring it back home.

“Dietas” in the Amazon – Milagros Casaverde
For those who want to explore and deepen their knowledge and relationship with sacred plants of the jungle, we recommend to join a “dieta” . We highly recommend this experience…

Alternative Medicine

Aloe Arborescens Protocol – Diego Palma
Aloe Arborescens for supreme immune support, gentle cleansing for the whole body, promotes healthy blood, cardiovascular, colon and immune system health. The human body heals itself from within and, because of its more than 200 phytotherapeutic substances, the juice from the whole leaf of Aloe arborescens provides the perfect complement to the biological requirements of the body.

Cannabinoids and cancer – Diego Palma
Scientists confirm cannabinoids’ medicinal benefits. Research into the healing effects of cannabis extracts is growing around the globe. The University of Madrid completed studies this year, showing that high concentrations of THC kills brain tumour cells while leaving normal brain cells unharmed.

Hemp Oil Protocol – from Rick Simpson’s website
Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. From my experience all forms of disease and conditions are treatable and often curable with the use of high grade hemp oil as a treatment.

MMS Protocol – Diego Palma
MMS protocol can be used to overcome toxicity contributors to such conditions as AIDS, Hepatitis A,B&C, Typhoid, most cancers, herpes, pneumonia, food poisoning, tuberculosis, asthma, colds, flu and a host of other conditions.

Urine Therapy – Diego Palma
The basic definition of “urine therapy” is using (your own) urine internally or externally as a way to aid or sustain your heath. Urine therapy, which includes drinking, injecting, massaging with-, and/or bathing in- urine, is an ancient practice that is used today.

Living on Light

Sungazing – Diego Palma
Sungazing can be used as a tool for tapping into your human potential. Some change will occur to reach these peaks; your perceptions may alter circumstances, you may begin to change from the inside out.

Breatharianism – Diego Palma
Inedia, also known as Breatharianism, is the body’s natural ability to function and sustain itself in a healthy, energetic, and fully functional manner without the consumption of solifs or liquids.

Life Style Without Food – Joachim M. Werdin
Potentially everyone can live without food, but the potential does not automatically mean the skill. The skill can be worked out by oneself. The methods used for realizing such decisions are visualization, hypnosis and suggestion.

Back to 432 Hz – Diego Palma
“432 Hz” vibrates on the principals of natural harmonics and is the natural “keynote” in the universe, as opposed to 440 Hz, which is the standard in the music nowadays.

Community Skills

Translucent Community governance proposal : Sociocracy – Diego Palma
Sociocracy is a new power structure for ethical governance. A theoretical system of government in which the interests of all members of society are served equally.

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) – Diego Palma
NVC is a powerful methodology for communicating in a way that meets both parties needs. NVC shows us how to listen emphatically and also communicate our authentic feelings and needs.

Translucent Practices

Visualization for Manifestation – Diego Palma
With this method of visualization we can modify and achieve anything we desire to manifest into our reality, change subconscious and instinct behaviors and programs, change and drop conditions and beliefs, manifest a dreamed destiny and attract to our lives anything we truly want.

The Five Tibetan Rites – Diego Palma
Hidden in the high Himalayas 2,500 years ago, Tibetan Lamas developed five simple range of motion exercises they called “Rites.”  These Rites have remarkable powers of rejuvenation; indeed, they have rightfully been called a “Fountain of Youth.

Sudarshan Kriya – Diego Palma
The Sudarshan Kriya, a powerful rhythmic breathing technique that facilitates physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being. As HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar puts it, the Sudarshan Kriya came to him like an inspiration to bridge the gap between the worlds of inner silence, and outer expression of life.

Translucent Teachings

Enlightenment and Translucence – Diego Palma
It is important to fully understand the attribute of constant evolution ingrained in the concept of direction instead of being trapped in the idea of reaching a final destination.

Transcending Subconscious Conditioning – Diego Palma
If we can understand that enlightenment or translucence is the realizing and developing of our full true potential, our own expression of the unlimited, why are we not using our full potential?

Are you responsible for your feelings and actions? – Diego Palma
We grow up in a society that is used to deny the responsibility of our actions. “You make me feel this way” or “I feel this because you…” are examples of a complete denial of responsibility. 

What is your motivation behind your choice? – Diego Palma
Make choices motivated purely by our desire to contribute to life rather than out of fear, guilt, shame, duty, or obligation.Anything you give that isn’t for totally self fulfilling reasons, the other person will pay for.

Is happiness located in the future? – Diego Palma
Many times we hold the belief that happiness is located in the future. I will be happy when I became a doctor, when I obtain that object, when I do that thing, when I achieve that result, when I reach enlightenment… in the future.

The truth needs no defense
If you wish to see the truth, then hold no opinions for or against anything. To set up what you like against what you dislike is the disease of the mind. Every ego confuses opinions and viewpoints with facts. Every ego is a master of selective perspective and distorted interpretation.


Accompanying in the moment of death – Sogyal Rinpoche
To put it simply, what is important when the moment of death comes is that you are helping somebody to create an environment whereby it may be the only moment when they can come to terms with death.

Analytical meditation – Kelsang Gyatso
Meditation is the mind that concentrates on a virtuous object, and which is the main cause of mental peace. The practice of meditation is a method for acquainting our mind with virtue. The more familiar our mind is with virtue, the calmer and more peaceful it becomes.

Shambhala Meditation – Chögyam Trungpa
Meditation practice begins by sitting down and assuming your seat cross-legged on the ground. You begin to feel that, by simply being on the spot, your life can become workable and even wonderful. You realize that you are capable of sitting like a king or queen on a throne. The regalness of that situation shows you the dignity that comes from being still and simple.

Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism – Chögyam Trungpa
Various traps that spiritual practitioners fall into are investigated — such as confusing temporary bliss or tranquility with the awakened state of mind, or succumbing to the subtle maneuvers that ego makes to appropriate spiritual techniques and ideas to its own purpose.

Advice from Atisha’s heart
When Venerable Atisha came to Tibet, he first went to Ngari, where he remained for two years giving many teachings to the disciples of Jangchub Ö. When he decided to return to India, and Jangchub Ö requested him to give one last teaching before he left. Atisha accepted and gave the following advice.

Divorce – Chögyi Nyima Rinpoche
To adopt a virtuous frame of mind, a wholesome attitude, is good; it is regarded as a valid method. Similarly, avoiding a negative attitude or an unwholesome frame of mind is good; it is also re garded as a valid method. But neither of these are enough to be free from samsara.

No samsara apart from thoughts – Chögyi Nyima Rinpoche
The great master Nagarjuna said, “There is no samsara apart from your own thoughts.” Samsara is based on thought; samsara is made by thought. A thought includes attachment and aversion. A thought by its very nature involves an attitude of selecting and excluding. Every thought is hope and fear.

A spiritual person – Chögyi Nyima Rinpoche
In our life, the greatest good we can do is to work for the welfare of infinite sentient beings. Therefore, generate this noble attitude: “I will study the Dharma and apply it in practice to establish all sentient beings in the supreme state of irreversible and unsurpassable enlightenment. To do so, I will learn, reflect and practice meditation.”

Introductory Teachings – Chögyi Nyima Rinpoche
All our various experiences and dreams are simply the magical display of our thoughts. Until our thoughts are cleared away and dissolve, karma and disturbing emotions will not end. It is important to understand that thoughts themselves are karma and disturbing emotions.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama – Rajiv Mehrotra
His Holiness the fourteenth Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was born into a peasant family in a small village in north-eastern Tibet. His Holiness was recognized at the age of two as an incarnation of Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of Compassion. He began his education at six and completed his Doctorate of Buddhist Philosophy in 1959.

Choosing a Guru – The Dalai Lama
In our Buddhist tradition, someone becomes a guru only in relation to a disciple. There is no special authority to qualify someone as a spiritual teacher. You are a teacher because you have students.

Compassion attitude vs. selfish attitude – The Dalai Lama
Analytical meditation is one of the key methods to transform the mind and the emotions and it has brought me inner peace and strength. Such a method allows one to also change perceptions and attitudes towards one’s self, others and to immediate problems.

Sitting and guided Meditation – Thich Nhat Hanh
Before we begin our sitting meditation it is essential that we prepare ourselves and the room in which we sit. The room should be clean and very beautiful. And for us is often good to have a period of silence before starting.

The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings – Thich Nhat Hanh
The Thirteen Mindfulness Trainings form the moral guidelines to develop harmony in any simple community. Every moment of our lives gives us the chance to put them into practice.

The Future of Buddhism – Sogyal Rinpoche
Jamyang Khyentse also saw that the Dharma would come to the West. He told not long before he passed away: ‘From now on, the Buddhadharma will spread further, in the West.’ At any rate, the challenge of our time is to steer a course between the standards of tradition and the perceived demands of a new situation.

Teachings – Thich Nhat Hanh
Our own direct experience with Ayahuasca is our best teacher. However, reading, writing, discussing with others and our own practice are the best means of understanding our own experience clearly and in depth.

Basic Goodness – Chögyam Trungpa
The logic of basic goodness is very similar. When we speak of basic goodness, we are not talking about having allegiance to good and rejecting bad. Basic goodness is good because it is un conditional, or fundamental. It is there already, in the same way that heaven and earth are there already.

Misunderstandings – Sogyal Rinpoche
So often we make something huge out of a simple problem, and blow it out of all proportion. Our problems, all come from nothing; they are all based on a misunderstanding that does not even exist.

Dealing with our anger – Thich Nhat Hanh
We need to master our own anger before we can help others do the same. When the flames of anger flare up, we tend to lash out at those who have watered our seeds of anger. It is like finding our house on fire and, instead of putting out the flames, chasing those we think started it.

The Shambhala Vision – Chögyam Trungpa
The Shambhala teachings are founded on the premise that there is basic human wisdom that can help to solve the world’s problems. This wisdom does not belong to anyone culture or religion, nor does it come only from the West or the East. Rather, it is a tradition of human warriorship that has existed in many cultures at many times throughout history.


Water Kefir or Tibetan Mushrooms (Tibicos) – Diego Palma
The health benefits of consuming water kefir are endless. They are a natural supplier of probiotics to our digestive track. Probiotics refers to the healthy bacteria that usually feeds on the “bad” unhealthy bacteria in our stomach and intestines.

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