Compassion attitude vs. selfish attitude

Dalai Lama The Dalai Lama
From del book “The Mind of the Guru”, Rajiv Mehrotra.

Analytical meditation is one of the key methods to transform the mind and the emotions and it has brought me inner peace and strength. Such a method allows one to also change perceptions and attitudes towards one’s self, others and to immediate problems.

Analyze and make comparisons, and then develop a conviction for change. You could start by analyzing the value of negative feelings or ill feeling towards others. Then you can consider what that means to you and how you feel about yourself. Then probe the value of the mental attitude and value of the mind that shows concern and compassion for others. Analyze and make comparisons between these two mental attitudes.

From my experience, I have found that a lack of self-confidence and insecurity brings about fears, frustrations and depression. However, if your nature changes to a selfless concern for the welfare of others, you will experience calmness, a sense of inner strength and self-confidence.

The capacity for compassion one has for others is the measuring rod for one’s own mental state, and compassion develops an inner strength. It is unnecessary to see the results of our acts of compassion and in some cases our sense of compassion may not be appreciated.

Also, many people are of the impression that the practice of love, compassion and forgiveness is of benefit to others and will serve no specific purpose to one’s self. I think that is wrong. These positive  emotions will immediately help one’s own mental state.

If you succeed in making another person happy, you will feel a sense of satisfaction. If you express an attitude of selfishness and do not care about the pain you may cause another, ultimately you will be the loser. Our future depends on how we treat the ‘other person’.

The demarcation between what is positive and what is negative is quite simple. Everybody has a desire to be happy and to live a happy and fruitful life and we should seek happiness as the very purpose of life. The positive emotions ultimately lead to happiness, calmness and peace, while negative emotions brings suffering, either on others or one’s self.

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