“Dietas” in the Amazon

TamboFor those who want to explore and deepen their knowledge and relationship with sacred plants of the jungle, we recommend to join a “dieta”. We highly recommend this experience where you are in solitude and in a specific diet (including no sugar or salt) and taking a plant or root under the guidance of a curandero.

The plants that you can “diet” are of different kinds and for different purposes. It can either be a plant for achieving an open heart, or for getting more strength and vision in your path, or a plant for working on your purpose in life. There are so many teacher plants in the jungle that you can take in order to get more in touch with the plant itself and yourself, all in a respectful and responsible way.

KatariThis experience lasts between 7 to 10 days (you can also choose to do it for longer periods of time) and is experienced in the amazon which is homeland of a variety of teachers plants. Surrounded by nature it gives you the opportunity of simple living and just being with yourself, getting to know the plant you are dieting, how it enters your being and starts its teaching. In this time it is more likely to have ceremonies of ayahuasca in its traditional way, that will complete the experience.

It is believed that when you “diet” the plant is seeded inside of you and will continue its growth afterwards. This is one of the reasons after the diet you have a list of non-doings, that must be respected in order to let the plant blossom.

KatariAs any experience where you access altered states of mind, proper guidance is very important, not only on the knowledge of each plant and its effect, but on the commitment to the work that is being done and when this guidance comes from the heart  it is something very appreciated.

Also the setting is important. You do not need much: a room and a hammock will be enough, but being in pure jungle is definitively a highlight. Being in contact with the source of where all this teachers plants come from, the jungle, with all its sounds, breathing life, breathing green.

There are many places where you can do a “dieta”. We have experienced first hand at Katari center in Tarapoto, Peru, that we recommend and you can contact directly through Herbert Quinteros. The place is pure jungle -so far 44 hectares- and has been built respecting the jungle as much as possible, something not seen much often.

Katari center

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